Direct mail advantages

Direct mail marketing performs well for several reasons. Here are some key advantages to incorporating direct mail into your marketing strategy.

  • Direct mail is interactive. One of the reasons direct mail is still used and performs so well is that it is interactive. Customers receive a physical item in the mail. Including a promotional offer or CTA that requires the customer to do something with the mail, such as bringing it into your store, makes the customer much more likely to keep it and read it.
  • Direct mail is memorable. Receiving something in the mail can bring up nostalgic feelings about a time when physical mail was the norm, sparking an emotional response. To increase this connection, add personal touches to your marketing materials, like the customer’s name or a handwritten signature.
  • Direct mail has a wide demographic. Depending on your target audience, direct mail can have a bigger reach than digital marketing. If your audience is not on social media or email (though you can target older demographics with social media marketing), direct mail can reach many more customers you may have missed with electronic marketing.
  • Direct mail is creative. Direct mail doesn’t lock you into analog advertising. There are endless ways to combine direct mail with digital marketing to expand your target audience and attract new customers. Direct mail’s physical nature lets you engage your customers in more ways than purely digital marketing.
  • There’s less competition with direct mail. More companies are abandoning their physical marketing efforts in favor of digital methods, resulting in a smaller playing field and more chances for your business to stand out. People are surprised by physical mail these days, so an eye-catching, thoughtfully designed mailer can go a long way in advertising your business.

How does direct mail marketing work?

Launching a direct mail marketing campaign is similar to the digital process; the only difference is the distribution method. A marketing firm like Suburban Shopper Media will have the experience and knowledge to produce an Ad campaign that best suits your particular business. 

1. Define your direct mail marketing campaign goals.

Consider what you want to achieve through your mail campaign. Do you want to generate more leads? Bring more traffic to your store or website? Tell customers about a new service or product? Having a clear goal at the beginning of your campaign makes it easier to make decisions later in the process.

2. Know your direct mail audience. 

For a campaign to be successful, ensure it will entice your audience to engage. Consider their needs and how your goal fits into those needs. How can you marry the two? 

Suburban Shopper Media has package deals to target a large area over a longer period of time to ensure your message is received. This method has worked well for many small businesses.

3. Decide on a CTA for your direct mail campaign. 

Your CTA is crucial; it’s why determining your goal first is so essential. Tell the customer why you took the time to send them this piece of mail and what you want them to do with it. 

A good CTA is attention-grabbing and memorable. Take your time crafting one, or consider using a copywriter to help.

4. Decide on a direct mail format. 

Next, choose a format for your mailer. Direct mailers come in all shapes and sizes. Your budget and marketing goals will dictate the type of mailer you need for your campaign. Below are some of the standard mailer types.

  • Exclusive Postcards: 
  • Exclusive Flyers: .
  • Weekly Suburban Shopper: 
  • Monthly Suburban Shopper:  

5. Design your direct mail marketing piece. 

When designing your mail, make your goal and CTA its focus. Don’t bury your CTA in busy graphics or too much text. Consider using Suburban Shoppers free service to customize your design.