About our

Suburban Shopper

The Suburban Shopper has been a direct mail advertiser in the Canton area community for over 60 years. 

The Shopper is  a trusted publication that is mailed regulary to every home and business in the area. Our publication was designed to connect residents to the local businesses.

We’re in 50,000 Mailboxes weekly.

Local Direct Mail Made Easy.

If you’re only interested in targeting one town, or all eight we can help you get in front of the local customer who is looking to hire.

Affordable & Effective

From one small business to another, we know the cost of advertising gets expensive and we make it affordable to reach a large audience and a low cost. 

Whether you’re starting up a new business, or a well established one- keeping your name in the local community and bringing you business is our ultimate goal.

Suburban Shopper Weeklies

Reaching nearly 50,000 homes and businesses in Sharon, Canton, Milton & Stoughton Weekly

10,508 addresses
9,960 addresses
6,724 addresses
12,509 addresses

Suburban Shopper Monthlies

Reaching nearly 50,000 homes monthly in Norton, Easton, Mansfield, Randolph & Dedham

9,662 addresses
6,951 addresses
9,513 addresses
13,041 addresses