Let’s start by answering some of your questions.

Suburban Shopper Media has been delivering direct mail advertising since 1959. Our ad experts have seen many ad campaigns succeed in almost every business sector.

Why are some real estate sales people so busy they can’t answer their phone while others have very few sales. Why are some landscapers, roofers, painters and restaurants busy when others are not. There is a very simple answer. You have to advertise your business or people will go with the ads they see, regardless of the quality of the work. You might be the best in your industry but if no one knows that you will fail.

We have talked to countless business owners who have spent a lot of money on digital ads. These ads have a purpose. They supplement your print ads, but only if the digital space they occupy reaches your local customers. If you do not sell nationwide, you need to target your local audience. We can help.

How can I budget for ads if I don’t know what they cost.

At Suburban Shopper we are small business. We understand a small business budget. Our rates and available publication dates are listed on our website and our sales team will show you the exact amount you will spend for your ad. No hidden fees, no auto renews you didn’t ask for and no pressure.

What if I decide to cancel my ad.

Cancel anytime and you will only pay for the ad that has already published and been delivered to our readers. You will not be locked in to a contract.

I don’t have time to create an ad and bring it to you.

We understand you wear many hats and time is precious. We can create an ad for you and we can get all the information we need from you over the phone or email. When you just want someone to show you how it works we can send a sales expert to your business.

Ok I’m ready to place my AD, what do I do now.